Over 13 Years

MRO Computers has been in business and same location for over 13 years. Proudly serving Hampton Roads and Chesapeake VA Residents

New Technology

Solid State Hard Drives are now affordable for home users. By utilizing a sold state hard drive, you open your computers true potential in speed and data dependability

Quality and Reliability is a MUST!!!

Big Box computers such as (Dell, HP, etc..) offer a super cheap computer price but with it's downfalls. Their computer parts are the cheapest available and are prone to failing. Here at MRO we use Quality Parts that LAST!!

What we do ?

  • Knowlegable Staff are ready to answer any questions or concerns you have with your computer or telescopes
  • Allow your computer to be free again and operate faster with our unique Computer Tune up Service
  • We offer cloud backup services to have your data remotely backed up for safety and security. Never loose data again
  • Keeping your computer and business up to date and running is important to us as if it were our computers.


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For Businesses with 4+ computers

Allow us to do a walk through of your office to give you recomendations and solutions to your businesses needs.




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1620 Cedar RD

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