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HP Compaq 6000 Pro Small Form Factor PC

List price:               $1242.45

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Big Box computers such as (Dell, HP, etc..) offer a super cheap computer price but with it's downfalls. Their computer parts are the cheapest available and are prone to failing. Here at MRO we use Quality Parts that LAST!!

MRO Computers has been in business and in the same location for over 14 years. We are proud to serve the Hampton Roads and Chesapeake VA Residents


  • Knowlegable Staff are ready to answer any questions or concerns you have with your computer or telescopes
  • Allow your computer to be free again and operate faster with our unique Computer Tune up Service
  • We offer cloud backup services to have your data remotely backed up for safety and security. Never lose data again
  • Keeping your computer and business up to date and running is as important to us as if it were our computers.




MRO are the experts when it comes to computers and telescopes! Great service!   - Craig P. Via yp.com 03/28/2014


Having little to no knowledge about computers and my minimum needs for hardware as a business professional, I turned to Michael Barnes of MRO Computers to build one of my most recent Personal Computers. Michael and his staff took the building of my new computer to their personal max for professionalism, my needs for specific capabilities, and delivered a machine that can do everything but wash dishes! They used state of the art electronics, and my hard drive for my software applications is a circuit board not a mechanical drive, which ensures my machine will last a long time and work hard for me. (Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately? - my PC worked so well, my husband and business partner decided to take it to his office to use and it's been a work horse ever since.). I would absolutely recommend Michael Barnes and MRO Computers & Astronomy as a 'go to' business partner for building specific and unique computer systems. They ALSO provide Remote Managed Services globally. Dawn Boyer  5 star

via www.facebook.com  02/19/2015



I have taken 2 desktops, and a couple laptops to Mike and his crew for service. Everything from software issues bogging down my system to a hard drive crash, the MRO gang solved the problem and got me back on line quickly. Now, I was able to bring my PC's to them verse having an in-home or on-line service, but I am sure those services would be handled just as expertly. The thing I liked the most, my problem was treated as though it was their problem. I felt like they attached the same sense of urgency to finding a resolution as I did. Thanks gang. Jeff Carter  5 star

via www.facebook.com  02/19/2015


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